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3D printed bike helmet

Revolutionary technology that comes with beauty and brains

In the 20+ years since bike helmets first hit the road, not much has changed in terms of safety and design: inflexible hard plastic shells, polystyrene foam interiors that overheat, standard protection features.

That’s why kupol has come up with a revolutionary idea that turns every, single aspect of helmet design on its head—all thanks to 3D printing, the future of head protection. Think technology that responds to crashes that happen in real life, not just linear impacts. Materials and components designed to keep air moving, not trap heat in. A fit molded and sized for comfort, not a one-size-fits-all model.

Discover why our 3D-printed kupol helmet is head and shoulders above anything available on the market today.

Safety System™

  • Lightweight, flexible, breathable material
  • 3D-printed structure for the ultimate in safety and comfort
  • Cool and comfortable
  • OKTOPUS™ pods offer support and keep you cool
  • KINETIC BUMPERS™ absorb impact
  • 3D KORE™ collapses to take the brunt of the force
  • Designed for any type of collision
  • Follows your movements naturally
  • Sizing and adjustments made to fit any head perfectly
Before Kupol

polystyrene foam

  • Rigid and inflexible
  • Hot, sweaty, and stinky
  • Standard sizing
  • Designed for head-on collisions only
  • Offers basic head protection
  • Little innovation in 20+ years
01 / Safety
02 / Comfort
03 / Aeration


Most bike crashes involve side collisions, yet most helmets are designed for linear impact. It’s the reason the brains behind kupol came up with the helmet’s innovative patent-pending 3D technology, the KOLLIDE SAFETY SYSTEM™, featuring three layers of revolutionary safety.

Our outer KINETIC BUMPERS™ cushion your head in the event of a fall, helping to absorb the impact before it ever reaches you. Then our middle 3D KORE™ system is designed to collapse on impact in order to take the brunt of the force and keep you safe. Finally, our inner OKTOPUS™ technology is comprised of over 100 sucker-like pods that line the inside of the helmet, making traditional polystyrene foam a thing of the past.

The result? Soft, flexible, lightweight layers of material designed to reduce rotational motion—protecting cyclists no matter which way they fall.

Get safety to the third power with kupol!


Say goodbye to molded plastic, an uncomfortable fit, and overheating. The kupol helmet was designed to be a pleasure to wear.

Each of the over 100 flexible, independent pods of the OKTOPUS™ technology adjusts to your specific head shape, eliminating the pressure points of traditional helmets and keeping your head from the solid 3D printed core. The result is a perfect fit that is lightweight, breathable, and incredibly comfortable.


The structure made possible by 3D printing not only allows us to make a safer helmet, it also creates a unique aeration network thanks to hundreds of tiny holes that allow air to flow through freely.

Plus our patented OKTOPUS™ pods offer structural support while also allowing air to circulate, ensuring you keep a cool head on even the hottest days. Unlike traditional polystyrene foam that causes heat and perspiration to build, the kupol helps to eliminate sweat, odours, and overheating. A breathable helmet means a better ride!

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